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Jack Parow’s back – Hos Ja!

Jack Parow has just released his highly anticipated album and we sat down for an exclusive chat with SA’s beloved Afrikaans rapper as well as got a few signed albums to giveaway, check it out…

Jack’s sophomore album, EksieOu, produced under his own label, Parowphernalia was well received and now he’s taking it to the next level with “Nag van die Lang Pette”.

Over to the man himself…

The Socialite: Tell us a bit about your new album? What influenced the sound and what was your inspiration behind it?

JP: It’s a double album, so the influences where quite vast. But I pretty much just get influenced by the people I meet and the places I see. I’m constantly writing, so I’m constantly looking around and observing, so to give you my influences would be pretty difficult. That being said, I really think the album came out just as I wanted it to and the feedback has been amazing.

The Socialite: What makes a no.1 track in your books? Is it all about pushing the envelope or making people dance?

JP: I think a little bit of both. I don’t really think you should be pushing the envelope unnecessarily, but you should be yourself and not be scared of what you say and stand for, and thus you will most probably push the envelope anyway.

The Socialite: What kind of sound are you feeling these days?

JP: I think you will hear that when you listen to my album (Nag van die Lang Pette), it’s such a mashup of everything, and I’ve got a bit of A.D.D when it comes to that.

The Socialite: What is the best thing about performing live to a crowd?

JP: The energy. There’s nothing like walking up onto a stage and feeling that surge of energy coming from the crowd, it’s unbelievable, it’s one of those things that you have to feel to truly understand.

The Socialite: From your own experience, how has the SA music scene changed these past couple of years?

JP: I think it’s really changing for the better. It’s becoming bigger and the clubs are becoming better and better. Sure, you still get your fly by nights or your chance takers, but overall I think it’s grown in leaps and bounds.

The Socialite: You’ve toured a lot; which city has the most exciting live music scene?

JP: Jeez, that’s a difficult one; I think it’s more of an each to its own vibe. Cape Town is very hip and happening, to each own detriment sometimes. Jozi is huge and the support is always great! Durban has the happiest and most amped people, everyone is so laid back and chilled and I love that. P.E is the friendly city as we all know. I can keep going, but I’m sure you catch my drift…

The Socialite: What is the weirdest thing ever happened to you during a live gig?

JP: One of my ex-girlfriends broke up with me on stage…she obviously didn’t like my music that much!! (Laughs)

The Socialite: Where do you see the local music scene going right now?

JP: Definitely to new heights. But with the over saturation of music at the moment, you will have to start sifting through the dirt to find the gold…but when you find it it’s gonna be FOKKIN shiny.

The Socialite: Being completely honest, what was the first record (or cassette or cd) you ever bought?

JP: Monster Hits 1. And the first non-compilation was Snoop Dogg’s Doggy style!

The Socialite: What does SA offer that you can’t hear or experience in any other place in the world?

JP: Firstly…brandy and coke!! My favourite drink is unfortunately only in S.A and I always have to settle for cognac, which is way sweeter and just not the same. Then there is the people and the languages and just the overall vibe, you can’t find that anywhere else. I think that is why so many people come here for holiday and never leave.

 Signed Album Giveaway

The Socialite is delighted to be giving away three signed Jack Parow albums to three lucky fans. Simply drop us a comment on here or our Facebook and Twitter pages as to why you smaak Jack Parow stikkend and you can win yourself a signed “Nag van die Lang Pette” album.

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Photos courtesy of Paul Ward


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