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Beloved Mzanzi’s Artists Chat with The Socialite

Local musos T-BO Touch, DJ Vinny Da Vinci and Mandla ‘Spikiri’ Mofokeng chat to The Socialite about being Jack Daniel’s Music Scouts, the SA music scene and offer advice to young hopefuls. Check it out…

The three musical legends have followed their own authentic path to success have recently partnered with Jack Daniel’s to become the official Jack Daniel’s Music Scouts.

This opportunity provides unsigned musicians, vocalists and DJs a platform to demonstrate their skill and perform to secure their own fan-base and impress the Scouts.

T-Bo Touch hopes to identify a talent that will go on to become one of biggest artists to ever be discovered – bigger than Idols, SA’s Got Talent and Pop Stars he says enthusiastically. He went on to say the most rewarding element about being a South African music artist is the love and support from local fans.  ‘It is just unbelievable; it makes one so proud to know that your own people support you. There are even international artists to name a few John Legend and Miguel who have come back to say “The genuine love here is of its own kind”.  It’s very rare and very real” he says.

For Spikiri “Mandla’ Mofokeng, the most rewarding element was the day he received a Life Time Achievement Award as he felt truly appreciated by South African fans.  Spikiri hopes to make someone’s musical dream come true in the same way his musical dream came true years ago and encourages music enthusiasts to audition.

“I’m hoping to unearth new and untapped talent that’s out there and I know that there’s plenty!” says third Scout DJ Vinny da Vinci. “I just feel that the SA music scene offers something that you can’t hear or experience in any other place in the world. The ‘Ubuntu factor’ might be cliché but it does play a big role. Our country has an amazing musical culture that is so unique to this country” he says.

Some people might say that the elements of a popular track are all down to pushing the envelope whilst others believe it’s down to just simply making people want to dance. “I’d say it has to be a bit of both. Quality is also key and how the sound is being presented is important” says T-Bo Touch.

The South African music scene has certainly changed and developed over the past couple of years. “It has completely evolved, the young artists of today have brought a new genre by adding a bit of Rock n’ Roll, with African beats and hip hop sounds to their music, which has broadened our musical diversity” says Spikiri.

“My advice would be to just come out and support the initiative and try to be unique. Don’t try and be like someone who’s made it already. It would be great to see something that hasn’t already been done before” says DJ Vinny.

Entrants can visit www.jackscouts.co.za from a mobile device to enter. Follow the journey on FB at JackDanielsSA, #Jackscouts. The winning artists, as selected by the JD Music Scouts, in addition to receiving exposure through the campaign, will win a trip to the US to discover the history of hip hop and house music.

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