Ten Things We Love To Hate and Hate To Love


  1. Cellphones- Even if u have 2 b able 2 spk a nu lang 2 txt yr m8s
  2. The Weather- It’s always either too hot or too cold. When will we ever find a Goldilocks medium?
  3. Canned Coldrinks- If you do have nails, you can’t open them. If you don’t have nails, you can’t open them
  4. Pick Up Lines- Sometimes the worse, the better
  5. Soapies- Even if the characters are bold and beautiful and the eventful plots couldn’t possibly be a part of the days of our lives
  6. Speedos. Admit it
  7. Gareth Cliff- Morning traffic just wouldn’t be the same…
  8. Sunblock- Even if you look like a tribal warrior on a beach towel declaring war on the sun
  9. Car Guards- When they there, your car isn’t. When your car’s there, they not
  10. Pronutro- Regardless of how much milk you have you undoubtedly land up with a mocking spoonful of dryness

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