How to Wear It: Coloured Chinos

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to add some colour back into your wardrobe. Check out our guide to Coloured Chinos with Trenton Millar…

A great way to brighten your style is with a pair of coloured chinos. Originally, chinos were made as a part of standard-issue military uniforms in the late 1800’s, but now these trousers are as fashionable as they are functional in a myriad of different colours. Yellow and turquoise chinos offer playful options, but the go-to color for this trend has to be red. Throw on a nautical striped sweater and a pair of navy blue boat shoes, like the SIBBI, for a weekend getaway. If you want to sport this trend at the office instead, try a neutral button-down shirt with a cardigan and some dressy men’s lace-ups, like the BRIT. Coloured chinos offer an outside-the-box way to embrace colour this spring, and no matter how you wear them, coloured chinos are a sure-fire way to liven up your attire at the turn of the seasons. Team up your coloured chinos with a pair of Call It Spring and you’re all set for the season…

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