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Benson Schwenson is Le Chop

This week on The Socialite we feature Le Chop Tv and the ever outrageous yet endearing Benson Schwenson, Check it out…

Meet Benson Schwenson, one of the most outrageous chracters to come out of Le Chop TV. Then again with characters that include an Afrikaans singing sensation, a cagey MMA fighter and a rapping Christian granny you’re left reeling with laughter regardless of who’s on stage. Le Chop TV is the brainchild of Durban’s own Cobus van Heerden with directorial assistance from Liam Magner and David Gouldie in the live shows.

The Socialite’s Chia Kougianos paid a visit to Cobus to find out more…

1. What inspired the birth of Le Chop?

The idea for lechop was born at the Grahamstown festival in 2011. I had purchased a film cmera and Mark Edwards (a film maker friend) started filming me doing improvised comedy skits in real life situations. Le Chop eveolved from these early experiments to become a fusion of live theatre, and the kind of improvisational comedy people associate with Sascha Baron Cohen who is a big influence.

2. One cannot help but laugh when pronouncing the main character Benson Schwenson. Is comedy a big aspect of the show?

It’s very much a comedy show. But like any good comedy, there is more to it than meets the eye. It’s not just a “barrel of laughs”

3. Has Benson made his debut on stage or on our screens before?

Benson made his debut in the City Bowl Mizers video for there song Waster. 80% of the video was shot in the trademark improvisational style and audiences seemed to respond very well to this. You can see the video on youtube by following the link below http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrS_RqnzBxg

4. Where can our viewers see Le Chop live next?

lechop.tv is a website where you can see Benson and all the other characters material. To avoid confusion, we may change the name of the live show in future to Benson Schwenson Live! since it is clear that lechop.tv is evolving to be a lot more than just my content.

5. What kind of characters can one look forward to seeing?

Kirk Darren (not Kurt Darren but still a pop star), Kevin “KG” Grobbelaar – a mixed martial artist, Donny Gold – Androgenous singer / dancer, and last but not least Grandma Bevan – a rapping granny who’s set to save your soul.

6. Has Grandma Bevan ever run into the long arm of the law?

There have been a few close scrapes but no one really wants to screw around an old Granny so she gets away with quite a lot. She has, however, apprehended some would be drunk drivers but unfortunately the would be drunk drivers weren’t very happy being caught on camera so I’m not sure we can release the footage. At least not until the smoke clears.

7. What’s next for Benson?

Musho Festival at the Catalina theatre. I have a show there on Thursday night at 8pm. Not sure if it’s sold out yet but you can get tickets at www.strictlytickets.co.za

8. Where can I check out some of your work?

Selected content will be put on the lechop.tv website under the character names. There will be many live shows in the coming year, however, so keep your eyes open for Benson Schwenson – Le Chop Royale.

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