Ask Roudy Romeo: Economics and Fairy Tales

Relationship advice columnist Roudy Romeo has been there and knows how to help. He dishes out the truth just as he sees it in our newest addition to The Socialite offering readers life, sex and relationship advice in his signature sharp style. Check out this week’s edition entitled Economics and Fairy Tales…

Dear Roudy Romeo

I have only just started a new relationship after being single for a few years, but now I am finding that women are throwing themselves at me, even when some of them know that I am in a relationship. Why couldn’t they have come sooner or not at all?

In Demand

Dear In Demand

Let us start by saying that this article is not for Eskom or ANC members as their knowledge on supply and demand is somewhat lacking. I am also pretty sure that their parents did not mix fairy tales and relationships as I am about to. And do not worry as most of the fairy tales I can remember all had happy endings, except for IncyWincy Spider, who you do not want to be in this story because you will never get up any kind of spout. No, you are indeed the Ugly Duckling.

 I once had a friend with a long term relationship investment plan. He would befriend all the average girls – girls with braces or the girls who were not always the life of the party so to speak. He did this because he know that when they did blossom that he would be remembered for his friendship back then and his more than eager hormones at the present when all the other guys are after her. You being in a relationship is your blossom, now that you are someone else’s catch you will find all the other , now average and grey ducks after your bright white swan relationship status.

I must confess that I used to change my Facebook status just to see which women would comment or show interest, like an internet line up – fully equipped with a profile and complimentary picture albums. Your change in relationship sets sirens off in women’s heads alerting them to the fact that another women has taken you off the market. Even though they weren’t checking out your section, it is nice for them to know that you were part of their variety of choice. And now that you are off the market you are suddenly in demand, let’s face it, what is more attractive than something that you cannot have?

When it comes to relationships people are greedy. Greedy like pigs. And no one wants to be this fourth little piggy who had none. It is the same reason why Facebook shows the amount of friends you have and Twitter the amount of followers because people want to be around popular people. You are currently Baa Baa Black Sheep with three bags full of popularity. I suggest you embrace it and take note of who is interested because when the time comes and you are single again you will at least know who is interested in what you have to offer in a relationship.

My advice is that you hold out on the additional attention that you are receiving at the moment. It will show your partner just what a catch they have landed and in return ensure that they hold on tighter. And with the exception of stage five clingers that is always a good thing to have someone who wants you in return. Jack and Jill only went up  one hill and I ensure you that temptation is one of many and you will have to decide for yourself whether or not you relationship makes it to the top or if you fall down and break your crown.

Here’s hoping that you only supply to those deserving, and not demanding

Roudy Romeo

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