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Fashion Meets Music with Die Antwoord and Alexander Wang

SA’s ultimate Zef rappers Die Antwoord are basking in media glory as their latest Alexander Wang campaign stays in the headlines. The Socialite finds out more…

The I Fink You Freeky stars first made people take notice when it was revealed that they hadn’t sold a single CD, yet reached global cult status with millions of YouTube hits and Facebook members.

We first interviewed the zeffers after their first live performance in Durban back in 2011. We paid a Behind the Scenes visit to the Sonic Summer Festival and the crazy duo had just returned from their first worldwide tour with their album Tension still in the works. You can check out our interview below:


Fast forward a few months and the crazy Afrikaans rappers debut an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman and were spotted front row at Alexander Wang’s Fall 2012 fashion show during the New York Fashion Week recently. Ninja was adorned a white sailor type outfit while Yo-Landi sporting black contact lenses, was seen wearing her trademark gold tights and gold hoody jacket.

The latest Alexander Wang campaign for 2012 sees Die Antwoord as the new face of the T collection and huge billboards of the two have been erected all over New York. The T by Alexander Wang line consists of mostly casuals and basics like sweats and t-shirts.

Watch Die Antwoord perform their latest single “Fatty Boom Boom” for T by Alexander Wang below:


Frontman Ninja was recently interviewed whilst in Chicago in the USA about the group’s infectious nature and their popularity overseas, he was heard to say “The people are going f*cking crazy. They tattoo themselves like us, they dress like us and they cut their hair like ours. And all the Americans rap in Afrikaans. It’s crazy.”

Both Ninja and Yo-landi Vi$$er are proudly South African and embrace the Afrikaans language and would be insulted if someone accused them of giving Afrikaans a bad name.

“We rebel against all brain-dead, soulless music. People started saying Afrikaans is dead. Now we’re massive all over the world, millions of kids rap along in Afrikaans” Yolandi said.

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