BootyCamp #1

Be sure to catch our latest addition to The Socialite in our weekly column BootyCamp which sees Socialite editor Chia Kougianos in her first ever training and fitness sessions at the GiJane Studios. Check it out…

Through all of the memories of school, one thing really remains consistent in my mind. My absolute, pure and undiluted loathing of P.E. and sports. My first memory goes so far back that I do not actually have anything to rely on but my Grade one report. It states in writing and I quote, “Sometimes Chia refuses to participate in our PE classes. She sits down and when I ask her if she would like to join, she simply shakes her head and says, ‘No thanks.” End quote.

While I don’t even remember doing that, I am somewhat proud of myself. What kind of five year old has that kind of courage while remaining polite and well mannered. Hell no to getting sweaty and dirty and running around I say. And the only thing I can think of possibly worse than doing that exact thing is the kids in my class who enjoyed it. They thrived on it and seemed to think that the 55 minutes of games were a matter of life and death.

A few things have changed since then however and I have grown to realize that becoming fit is vitally important for one’s overall health and well being. Cue GI Jane. A Durban-based personal trainer who changes lives through fitness, health and nutrition…with a little bit of fun and fabness in between.

Our first session saw Jane create a weekly session plan consisting of cardio, weight training, and a healthy diet plan to be incorporated into my daily routine. Next up was the measuring tape and note-taking and soon a new mission was born.

The only way to get truly physically fit is to exercise and exercise I did. Half an hour into my first session and man did I feel the burn. For a lot of us newbies, the hardest step may not actually be getting to a gym or studio but actually doing something when we get there. We could look stupid. And why wouldn’t we? For a start you’re told to run in place on a belt, to ride cycle on bikes that go nowhere and to lift heavy things for fun! It’s easy to get caught up in lofty goals when venturing into fitness territory but at the end of the day, our first goal should simply be showing up and committing. I just did, have you?

GI Jane Studios

140 High Ridge Road, Durban North

Email: jane@gijane.co.za

Website: www.gijane.co.za

Contact: 082 891 1016


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  1. Bob

    Whoever came up with the name Booty Camp is a genius :p

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