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Dear Roudy Romeo

I am very interested to know what the purpose of a ‘wing-man’  is. Do guys feel they need help in order to chat to a girl? They may as well bring their mothers into the bar to hold their hands through the process. Please help me understand.

Under the Wing

Dear Under the Wing

You may recall that a few posts back I mentioned that guys do not know what they are doing, well this is an exception. Batman and Robin, Robin Hood and his merry men, Maverick and Goose, and Mario and Luigi all have one too.

Now you may well know that when women go out, you go out in packs, vicious man eating packs sworn by a sister code, which to be honest, some of you ladies over-play your part. Regardless, you do not go out alone and neither do guys. Now there is no one purpose to being a wing-man, he should be multi-purpose. If women were furniture, he would be there to polish your wood; he is your Mr Min.

As I said, there are various duties of the wing-man that he must perform throughout the night. Now you may not be aware of this, but he is omnipresent from start to end. He gives approval to your suitor even before you are aware that you are in their target sights. The wing-man is not there to hold his hand but rather to guide you two on the not so well planned path through the night.

Apart from a great introduction to one of his most trusted friends, the wing man is there to ensure that your conversation flows and remains light hearted. Throwing in a few, mildly exaggerated stories that are sure to blow your mind, the wing man will add in stories that both build him up and break him down. The stories that build him up will be filled with daring antics, used to create a sense of adventure in your mind and that he is someone who is active and fun to be around. Stories that humble him will trigger your sensitive side towards him, showing that he too has a vulnerable side and is in fact only human. Both work, even if you pick up that they are a bit farfetched you will still listen even if it is for the sheer entertainment of it all.

Now getting back to your friends, there will always, always, be that one friend who doesn’t approve. Either she is upset that guys aren’t speaking to her or that guys aren’t on her agenda for the night or whatever it is that will end up with her trying to ruin a perfectly good thing. Personally, I think girls should just decide for themselves and put on their big girl panties before they go out. Anyways, that’s the main reason for the wing-man. When it comes to fighter pilots, the wing-man is there to watch the top gun’s back; the same applies to your friends, who are in this case, the enemy who have only one mission in mind; to seek and destroy any guy showing up on their radar. The wing-man is there to ensure that the only block happening is building blocks of love, at least for the next few hours.

The wing-man is there to serve and to protect;he ensures that the guy gets the girl and that they live happily ever after. That is, until your friend decides to drink enough wine and start crying that the night is inevitably ruined, but that is a whole different subject. Do not be intimidated by awesomeness of the wing-man, instead rather appreciate the effort put into trying to just get your attention and maybe, just maybe, the chance to make you smile.

Your Wing Man

Roudy Romeo

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