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Lady Lira

With a loyal global fan base and multi-platinum sales under her belt, it’s no wonder local artist Lira will be jet-setting off soon to launch her album Rise Again. Chia Kougianos caught up with her to find out more…

There is never a quiet day for the gorgeous songbird who has just recently completed her Captured tour of South Africa and has released two more music videos while working on completing a US album.

Growing up she listened to Perry Como, Cole Porter and Barbra Streisand which greatly influenced her taste in music. Lira also listened to a lot of American soul music ranging from Aretha Franklin to Nina Simone to Luther Vandross and Stevie Wonder. This may come as no surprise then to hear the news of her upcoming US album and tour scheduled for early next year.

“At the moment I’m finalizing my US album titled Rise Again which will be released in the US in Feb 2012. I’m also spending three months in the US doing a massive 45 venue tour in the entire North America to promote the album. I’m looking forward to it. This is one of the biggest things I have done in my career thus far” says Lira.

As Lira and her band prepare for yet another whirlwind tour, one can only wonder what goes on behind the scenes and what the best and worst things are about being on the road.

“The worst thing is that you never settle down, you’re always on the go and you never really rest. The best thing is that you get to visit so many new places and meet new people – I enjoy that very much” says Lira.

“The most memorable tour so far has to be when we travelled to Lugano Switzerland. I was overwhelmed by its beauty and incredible quality of life! The people were beautiful wealthy and outgoing. I guess it was amazing to see no poverty. I saw people that were in love with life and lived it beautifully enjoying their natural surroundings and enjoying great food and company. I really liked it” she says.

Contemporary artists such as Sade and Lauryn Hill top the list of inspirational artists for the gorgeous songstress and finds Bruno Mars to be the freshest songwriter we’ve had in a long time.  “I also enjoy John Meyer’s simple and catchy melodies and I loved Amy Winehouse. I still enjoy her music very much!” she says.

While Lira’s music is inspired by all things that she has been experienced to in life, she notes her music often reflects people, experiences, perceptions and observations. “Moments of inspiration are random and are sparked by different things. The band and I do some of our compositions during our sound checks. We get great ideas and we are always ready with our recording devises and we record everything we do. I often feel very inspired after a really great performance” says Lira.

A typical day for Lira involves meetings with the team and then interviews be it telephonic, studio-based or via email and it doesn’t stop there with sound check taking place in the afternoons before a scheduled performance.

“Weekends I’m often on some festival stage. If I’m fortunate enough to have a free weekend then I find fun things to do and of course I make sure I catch up on sleep! It’s my best stress reliever. Sleep helps me cope a great deal. When I’m well rested, I can handle anything” says Lira. And with what she has accomplished so far, one can only look forward to seeing what will come next for the soulful songstress.

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