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Ard Matthew National Anthem Blunder: Watch the Video Here

Earlier this evening news broke furiously of Just Jinger’s Ard Matthew’s performance of the South African national anthem on Supersport. Some say he butchered it and some say it was just an honest mistake. View the video here and you decide…

Ard has responded on Twitter with this message:

“Huge apologies SA. Please forgive me…” and later “ Seriously, I am utterly devastated by tonight. This was a HUGE honour for me and I could not be more embarrassed and sorry.”

We feel for you Ard and you’re forgiven, mistakes happen to the best of us.

Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts…


2 responses to “Ard Matthew National Anthem Blunder: Watch the Video Here”

  1. Belinda

    He made a mistake…I never saw it but hopefully S.A will forgive him..shame

  2. Carol Dillon (Caz)

    I am a musician too and I know EXACTLY what went wrong. Music is a right brain (creative) thing and those of us who are musical play and sing music by instinct. We never have to think what chords to play or what words to sing. But when we are nervous, we start to analyse, that is to use our left (logical) brain and we think too much. We start to think about every chord and every word and then we simply go blank, because music does not, cannot come from our logical brain. The moral of the story. Do whatever you need to do to relax you like a glass of wine or maybe a dubie or rescue remedy. (I take Bach remedy Larch . . and a glass of wine). And don’t think, just do!!!Use your right brain to play and sing music 🙂

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