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Smash and Dash

Varsity parties, especially those conducted by the UKZN Canoe Club, bring to mind debauched romps in fields littered with semi- or wholly nude undergraduates exploring the deepest recesses of their sexuality. Saturday night’s ‘Smash and Dash’ party was no exception. The Socialite’s Russell Grant witnessed the night’s debauchery first-hand, check it out…

Among others, a team of Santas, some Golfers, a Cat in the Hat, a guy with nothing but a Christmas stocking to shield his man bits, gathered at the UKZN athletics field to run 4 km’s through bushes, scale a jumping castle, and finish with a slip ‘n’ slide over the line. Forget water at the drinks tables: parched runners were refreshed with Clubman, and the only resting point was a make-out bench.

Such revelry was not without point, however: this was one of many fundraisers put on by the hard partying working guys and girls of the UKZN Canoe Club.

The post-race festivities were overseen by Veranda Panda and DJ Night Vision, who orchestrated a mix of dubstep and drum and bass to accompany the grassy raucousness.

Photography by Russell Grant

2 responses to “Smash and Dash”

  1. Lucas

    No amount of yakka, vodka, nothing, and no one could ever re-create this day

  2. Billy

    This looks like it was one hell of a joll…

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