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Meet Durban Rockers the Catlike Thieves

Their old-school rock and roll meets funky blues tunes have hit the shores of Durban and are soon to be  celebrating the music video launch for their single ‘Maybe Baby’. It’s the Catlike Thieves and they’re rocking their way into South African music scene. Chia Kougianos paid a visit to Shane, Gareth, Justin and Philip to find out more…

1.       How did you guys all meet?

Philip: Well, Shane and I have been playing in bands since, forever. Gareth and Shane are brothers, when we decided to form the band; Gareth was the obvious choice for bassist.

Shane: We met Justin when our previous bands were touring together. When his band split up, he decided to move down to Durban from Pretoria. We met up and started playing the songs that Gareth, Philip and I have been working on for a few weeks. Yeah, so we took it from there…

2.       How did the name of the band come about?

Justin: The White Stripes were taken…

3.       What music did you listen to growing up?

Shane: Billy Joel, The Offspring and Beach Boys

Justin: Yeah… Beach Boys has been a great inspiration as well as Elvis and some UB40 in the mix.

4.       Who are your industry idols?

Gareth: A legend on bass guitar for me is Victor Wooten from The Flectones…

Shane: I get a lot of my inspiration from Billy Joe Armstrong (Green Day)

Justin: I’d have to say my industry idol would have to be Jack White from The White Stripes

Philip: I really like Taylor Hawkins from Foo Fighters style and a lot of his grooves are so amazing if you listen closely.

5.       The craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Justin: Well let’s just say it involves a lot of beer, the Moses Mabhida stadium, some security guards and a cracked heel…

6.       If you could invite any 5 celebs around for dinner, who would they be and why?

Justin: Um, well…Dane Cook

Gareth: Miley Cyrus

Shane: Russell Brand, to repeat everything Miley Cyrus says, but in a British accent

Philip: And Eddy Izzard, to talk complete non-sense but still make everyone laugh

Gareth: That’s 4… We need one more.

Justin: Steve Hoffmeyer

7.       You’re auditioning for Idols. What song would you choose?

Shane: That will never happen (Laughs)


8.       Best part about being a member of the Catlike Thieves?

Shane: Being able to entertain…

Justin: And to get our music heard.

9.       Favourite Durban hotspots?

Shane: Amsterdam

Justin: Villains…hahaha

10.   Who would you love to work with one day and why?

Shane: John Ellis, he’s such an inspiration with what he’s achieved with Tree and his solo projects.

Gareth: And Dave Birch as well

Catch the Catlike Thieves at Amsterdam on Saturday the 29th January as they launch their music video for Maybe Baby

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