Fashion Forward with Molly: One Pair, One Month

Last year, fashion writer Emily Pettit- Coetzee fascinated us as when she wore one dress every day for one month to help raise funds for HIV/Aids and this year it gets better as Emily takes on yet another challenge but this time it’s all about her feet. Miss Molly finds out more in this week’s edition of Fashion Forward with Molly…

Every day for one month Emily is to wear one pair of shoes in the hope to get us thinking of those who are less fortunate than us, because for some people owning one pair of shoes is a luxury.

Emily will raise awareness for a campaign known as Barefoot Against Poverty ( Her first challenge was to find the most suitable pair of shoes, not only did they have to be comfy but they needed to be versatile as well as look beautiful. So she headed down to the g – mo ( workshop to make up the perfect pair.

Emily chose a style and fabrics and then these beautiful sandals were handmade

Emily has been documenting her progress on a blog ( She blogs about the challenges of making the sandals work with every outfit regardless of occasion or weather conditions as well as what she is learning in the process. She also shares her daily outfits with us.

The challenge ends on the 10th of December which is International Human Rights Day.

On this day, everybody can show their support for Barefoot Against Poverty and stand in solidarity with those who have no shoes by pledging to go barefoot at noon local time in South Africa.

Please spread the word!

Pledges can be made on the Barefoot Against Poverty website,(

 You can also get involved by liking their facebook page ( or you can RSVP to their facebook event .(

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