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The Socialite paid a visit to the ArtSpace in Durban recently in celebration of the launch of Local Obsession, a cutting-edge fashion-fused art exhibiton featuring the works of local artist Steve Mandy. Check it out…

Life imitates art for local artist Steve Mandy. His works showcase a creativity and talent that captures the culture and energy of our times and in his latest collection at the ArtSpace in Durban, his works are no different. When asked about what inspires the local artist, Steve enthused “I think it’s people that inspire me most, be it young, old, male or female, whether they having a cup of coffee or walking across the road, it’s all about the emotion they emit, their diversity, simplicity and complexity and about creating the space they experience” he says.

Steve recently celebrated the launch of “Local Obsession” showcasing a collection of works depicting a fusion of the fashion world in art. Local models, styled and dressed by local hair stylists and designers were photographed at the ArtSpace premises to emphasize the intensity of localness. Durban photographer Jono Nienaaber captured the essence of style and glamour and Steve then transformed the photographs to paintings creating striking works of art.



“It occurred to me that Chinese in African economies spans far further than just cheap t-shirts and trinkets. The amazing thing about this is how subtle the infusion has been. Most of us haven’t even notice” says Steve.

Also spotted at the launch was Renato Palmi The ReDress Consultancy, “I applaud Steve Mandy for grappling with an emotive and complex issue, very aptly entitled “local obsession”. Let’s get obsessed with him, and stay obsessed, until everyone demands locally designed, fabricated and manufactured clothing” said Renato.

In these pieces, Steve recruited local fashion designers Chrissy Payne and Sbu Msimang and presented them with a challenge to create garments free from the confines of size and gravity. Steve then created busks of models Jade and Bianca using resin, Fibre glass and fabric.


Visit the ArtSpace in 3 Millar Road Durban, to show your support and view the entire collection of works in the “Local Obsession” display.

3 responses to “Steve’s Local Obsession”

  1. Julia

    Beautiful works, congrats

  2. Cindy

    Great to see such a talented local artist, love your work

  3. Melissa Y

    Im still crazy about the girl in the blue dress Steve!breathtaking work & such an honor to have worked with you

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