Fashion Forward with Molly: A Chat with Chelsea Lawson

In this week’s edition of Fashion Forward with Molly, Miss Molly get’s up close and personal with local fashionista and up and coming fashion designer from Durban, Chelsea Lawson…

Name: Chelsea lawson

Age: 22

Occupation: Fashion Designer for Chelsea Lawson Designs, currently stocked at lady and the punk

Welcome Chelsea! We at The Socialite are so interested in finding out more about you so tell us how you got involved in the fashion industry, where did you study and what are you currently doing?

I always wanted to be involved in the fashion industry and it started off by getting a fashion diploma at the Durban Technikon. I currently have my clothing range in Lady and the Punk at Gateway Shopping Centre.

When did you start your own label come about and how is that going for you?

Once I finished studying I launched my first clothing line but was only stocking an open day and making private orders such as matric dance dresses, grade 11 dresses and bridesmaid dresses. Then at the beginning of this year I went on a buying trip overseas and starting stocking my latest clothing range at Lady and the Punk, where it has been doing very well.

Where and how can we buy Chelsea Lawson Designs?

You can view the designs at and purchase at Lady and the Punk at Gateway shopping centre in Durban, where there will be the same designs as on the blog but are constantly being updated with different fabrics and prints.


 Where do you see yourself and your brand 5 years from now?

I will hopefully go national with my range being stocked in Joberg and in Cape Town, I just want to get a good feel for the market before I start expanding.

What achievements have happened recently in your career?

Well I recently got into the top 10 for the Vodacom Durban July fashion challenge which was really exciting as it is obviously national. 

WOW! Congratulations! Your design looked incredible. Tell us about how you found the experience and would you enter again?

It was really difficult but it was enjoyable and exciting at the same time. It was a great experience and I really learnt a lot but it was really time consuming. We were involved in three fashion shows and had a photo shoot which was fun. The outfit had a lot of accessories and a lot of work went in to constructing the garment and personalising the accessories and it was great exposure, not sure if I will enter again, will have to wait and see…


Tell us about your style and what you are seeing in stores at the moment that you love?

Internationally the trends are amazing, a lot of creams, pale pinks, lace and florals, very very feminine, which I love. I’m sure the local market has caught onto this and we will be seeing these in our stores soon.

What is your must item for Spring?

I’m dying to get hold of some cream lace stockings, I saw some beautiful ones where it looked like they had hand sewn patches of antique lace on it, they were so statement yet versatile at the same time.

What is your favourite store?

It’s hard to pick one but perhaps zara or topshop, I wish they would just open a s store in South Africa!

Favourite designers?

Locally, Leigh Schubert, her designs at the fashion experience show last month were amazing, she stood out from everyone else and the style was exactly what I would love to wear, romantic and statement. Internationally, Alexander Wang, he has a lot of pieces that I just would love in my wardrobe!

What is your fav item of clothing?

Dresses, pretty or grungy, I’ll take them all!

Word Association 

Love – boyfriend

Inspiring – friends

Art – contempory

Free – swallows

Hate – liars

Life – exciting

City – traffic

Work – interesting

Style – personal

Party – chocolate vodka



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