Meet SA’s Celeb Addict: Clayton Morar

With over 5 000 celeb autographs in his collection to date, SA’s self-confessed celeb addict Clayton Morar is leaving a mark of his own and hopes to have his name entered in the Guinness World Records for having collected the most “authentic celebrity autographs”. Chia Kougianos chats to Clayton to find out more…

1.     How did your fascination for the world of Hollywood and celeb signatures come to be?

Ever since I can remember, the glamour and glitz of Hollywood and celebrities fascinated me. I have always taken an interest if the lives of the A-Listers and have always been clued up on what’s happening with celebrities around the world. For me, getting an autograph from someone is not about being crazy or in love with every person’s autograph I add to my collection, it’s all about getting the world record. Also why collecting autographs meaning so much to me is because I like to think of it as “having a piece of a star” because with every autograph is a certain memory attached to it.

2.     How did the idea of a celeb autograph collection come about?

I have always been fascinated with celebs and entertainment and I always wanted to get up close and personal with famous people. However, what kick started my idea to start an autograph collection was when at age 13, I wrote a letter to German tennis legend, Steffi Graf. I wrote to her via her postal address, which I found in a magazine, and wrote away for an autographed photo. Three weeks later, I received a signed postcard in the mail and that’s when I decided to write to other people as well.   

3.       Top three signatures on your to-get list?

It would have to be Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey and Beyonce Knowles.

4.       Who wins most down to earth celeb in your opinion?

Matt Damon and David Beckham. Both were as polite as can be when it came to signing and posing for photos – despite their massive level of fame. It definitely hasn’t gone to their heads.

5.       Who wins the diva-queen award?

Leonardo DiCaprio – without a doubt. His bodyguards prevent you from coming within 10 metres of him and he’s super arrogant and unaccommodating to approach.

6.       With the World Cup taking place in SA and hordes of celebs flying in and out the country, did you happen to meet any interesting personalities?

I was fortunate to meet Kimora Lee Simmons, Djimon Honsou, Akon, Eric Mabius of Ugly Betty fame, Mick Jagger as well as Leonardo DiCaprio.

7.       Any celebs you were hoping to meet?

I would have loved to have met Paris Hilton and Charlize Theron

8.       What advice can you offer to us rookies hoping to get a few signatures under our belts?

Getting to meet famous people in person relies on two qualities: your approach and your timing. Also, make sure you approach a celebrity in a respectable manner and also depict the correct time when to do so. It’s disrespectful to approach people when they are busy talking, eating or when they’re off to the bathroom.

9.       Where will we find you on weekends?

Hanging with my close group of friends, eating out at restaurants, partying at some of the hotspots in Cape Town, gymming, as well as chilling at the movies.

10.   If you were to have a celeb-filled dinner party, who would you most love to invite?

My friends are so great to have at any dinner so I’d invite the following people: Tammy-Anne Fortuin (TV presenter and model), Domenico Deidda (my BFF), Khwezi Magwaza (my BFF and Seventeen Magazine editor), Mariah Carey as well as Nelson Mandela.

If you would like to find out more about Clayton and his budding autograph collection, visit his blog at

4 responses to “Meet SA’s Celeb Addict: Clayton Morar”

  1. Marise Banks

    Cool interview Clayton!! Well done! I’m also available to come to your dinner party! hehehehe

  2. Jacinta

    Wish I got to meet Leo!!

  3. Sarah

    What a cool thing to collect! Such a fabulous idea

  4. Lara

    Great site and awesome posts 🙂 Wish I had the chance to meet Leo when he was here!

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