The Brasstitutes To Perform at Sa’s Big 5 Gig

With performances by Locnville, Goldfish, City Bowl Mizers and Die Antwoord to name a few, SA’s Big 5 @ The Wavehouse is set to be the hottest gig of the year. The Brasstitutes join the line-up and The Socialite met up with the band to find out more…

So how did the name The Brasstitutes come about?

Tony: One day myself and Duncan were standing in Taco Zulu in Florida Road after a Classical gig, enjoying a beer in our tux suites.  We looked totally out of place amongst the chilled Taco crowd, so we made a few calls to a couple of musician friends, grabbed a mic and jammed with DJ Ronald Rowley, joined by trumpet and violin. After a great night jamming we did the same at Origin at the ‘Alice in Wonderland Party.’ So this is really how the Brasstitutes came to be,  it was just 3 classical musicians looking to have some fun. We brain stormed the name with friends and realised that we’d pretty much do anything so someone shouted Brasstitutes! I added ‘Horns for Hire’ which is a pretty obvious play on words.

Where is the band based and where can we see you perform?

Tony: The Brasstitutes are based in Durbs but you can see us perform all over Sa in the next few weeks. We’ll be performing with the Durban based band Maisha at World cup events including the 11th and 14th June, with Funky G at Taco Zulu in Florida Road this Sunday 6th June. We’re also set to perform at a special concert at the Tala Game Reserve on the 24th June with London Brass. Be sure to catch us when we jam with DJ Funky G at the Sa’s Big 5 event taking place in Durban on Saturday the 19th June.

Is performing in front of home audiences more of a thrill than playing at away venues?

Mats: Performing for new audiences is always something special, and adds that “little extra” to the performance. It’s always rewarding to see people that have never heard us before enjoying what we do. 

Best gig to date?

Mats: I would have to say playing at a packed Kings Club/Zulu Jazz Lounge in Durban with 340ml. It was the 2nd gig that we did with 340, and unlike the 1st time we played with them, we actually had time to fit in an hour of practice before the gig. The crowd loved it!

Where will we find you on weekends?

Duncan: At home watching TV. No, seriously though… We are actually all quite busy with the orchestra most of the time, and do try to fit in gigs with the Brasstitutes whenever we can. But a place that we come back to again and again, whether we are playing or not, is Taco Zulu in Durban. Sunday Sundowners is the best time. Great crowd, great music, great atmosphere!

What can we look forward to seeing at the SA’s Big 5 @ The Wavehouse event later this month?

Duncan: The Brasstitutes are teaming up with DJ Funky G. It’s a collaboration we have all been really looking forward to. Every gig we come up with fresh new ideas, because most of what we do is not planned beforehand. It makes it exciting not only for the audience, but for us as well.

From collaborations with Napalma and 340ml to Durban’s  T.H.O.T.S  and DJ Ronald Rowley, The Brasstitutes are making quite a name for themselves in the SA music scene. Catch them live at the SA’s Big 5 @ the Wavehouse gig on Saturday the 19 June at Gateway, in Durban.

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  1. Bryan

    I saw these guys at Taco’s, they awesome

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