Fashion Forward with Molly: One on One with Ilanka

In this week’s edition of Fashion Forward with Molly, we discover more about the lady behind Fashion Nerdic. Here’s what Miss Molly discovered about the gorgeous blogger from the Netherlands…

Name: Ilanka Verhoeven

Occupation: Currently studying and working next year I’ll attend art school to study Lifestyle and Design

Age: 18

Where are you from: I live in the Netherlands

What are you currently studying?

I recently graduated as a Social Culture Worker, I don’t see a future for myself in this business so I decided to follow my heart and attend art school to work in fashion. 

 What do you plan to do when you have completed your studies?

After art school, I will be probably work as a freelance stylist. I would love to work for fashion magazines, creating editorials. Though my real goal is to be a fashion editor at a magazine like ELLE.

 Can you tell us what your day to day routine involves and your position at the workshop?

I work from Tuesday until Friday at an organisation which allows young people to become involved into the art and culture industry. We organize workshops where art and culture is the main subject. Think workshop dance, restyling (I actually give those), theatre and more. I help organize the workshops, create new ones and use my “skills” to evolve as a person. For example, I give workshops in restyling and theatre.

Do you love your job and if so, tell us what you love most about it?

I love my job. I think what I love the most is that you get so many opportunities to use your own skills and inspire others. Also working with a lot of creative people is super fun and a great learning process as you learn from each other. 

 What exciting accomplishments have happened recently in your career? 

When it comes to my career, I am still learning. I think what is most exciting for me right now is getting accepted into art school. Next year I’ll be studying lifestyle and design which involves fashion styling, interior styling, photography, design and more!

 What is your favourite City and why?

I visit Portugal every year and Lisbon is where I spend my time the most (my family lives there). I do have a lot of cities I would like to go to, including Paris, Barcelona, New York and Milan etc.  But for now, Lisbon is my favourite city, because of the people, the shops and weather.

 What are you seeing in stores at the moment that you love?

For spring, I have been seeing a lot of soft colours, wedges and shapes. I avoid darker colours like black almost every season and I’m glad I don’t have to search for gorgeous colours this season.

  Your pictures on your blog are amazing, who is your photographer?

Thank u! It depends who is around, most of the time a collage or my mother takes pictures. My brother knows a lot of photography and is very good at it, so when we have the time we shoot together. 

  Which magazines/ websites have you been featured in And which was your fav feature?  

 I’m grateful for every single opportunity I get through blogging and being featured on sites and magazines is super flattering. I was featured in a column of a Dutch fashion reporter Anyouk tan, got snapped for street style pictures twice and on the site of Vogue Paris. I think that is my favourite feature. There were only 45 blogs in this article from all over the world and I was chosen to represent the Netherlands, I mean how great is that!

What is your fav store/s?

If you read my blog it will be obvious. Almost 80% of my clothing come from H&M. The reason I love H&M so much is that their clothing is on trend and most importantly affordable! Other shops I like to visit are New Look, Primark, Zara, River Island,

  What is your fav item of clothing?

 That is hard question. This because it changes from time to time or sometimes even from day to day… At the moment my favourite piece is my green blazer from Queens wardrobe. The shape is unbelievable and the colour is unique. But that can change tomorrow (not that I won’t love my blazer anymore) but maybe my draped skirt from H&M will be my favourite piece. So to answer this question, my favourite items must be skirts and dresses, I wear them a lot. 


  Who is your fav designer? 

I never stick to one specific designer, this because my style can change from time to time so which designers I like depends. This season I love Jil Sander, Chloe and Givenchy…


 Who inspires your amazing style? 

I can get inspired by everything around me. From other blogs to fashion magazines, music, food, how I feel, what I do, weather, books almost anything. I do have a style icon, Miroslava Duma, I love her because of her versatility.



 LOVE Being yourself

 PARTY – Cobrasnake

 INSPIRING – Miroslava Duma

 ART – Alexander Mcqueen

 FREE – Thoughts

 HATE – Wasted time

 LIFE – Joy

  CITY – Lisbon

 WORK – Fashion editor

 STYLE – Personal

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  1. Emma B

    She’s so young but so talented wow! cool read Miss Molly

  2. Shameera

    Cool blog

  3. Jessica

    Such stunning pics, I want her boyfriend blazer!

  4. thanks for the feedback girls, if you want to visit Ilanka’s blog here is the link:


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