5 Mins with the City Bowl Mizers

The Socialite caught up with the boys of the City Bowl Mizers to talk music, gigs and the inspiration behind their latest album. Here’s what they had to say…

It’s believed to be the summer of 2004 when Durban’s City Bowl Mizers first made the conscious decision to pick up their guitars, write some catchy songs and perfect their dance moves. Some time has passed since then but their new shiny Durban-bred brand of music is definitely here to stay and has received much airplay across SA radio airwaves and TV.

So tell us, how did the unusual band name really come about?

It’s a surfing reference to our local break and the guys that used to steal all our waves…Well…they didn’t really steal them, they were just better at catching them.

Is performing in front of home audiences more of a thrill than playing at away venues?

It goes both ways. The local crowd is always fun to play to ‘cause they know our stuff well so they just go nuts. But we also enjoy playing to people who haven’t heard us before and seeing what kind of response we get from them.

Best gig to date?

There has honestly been way too many, each with their own reasons for been memorable, it’s impossible to just pick one. Either that or our memory sucks. 

What was the inspiration behind your latest album?

It stemmed from our experiences in general really. Half of it was written while we were in London and then the other half once we were back so we focused a lot on our home town. We’d rather write based on what we know rather than some far out concept. 

City Bowl Mizers is a household name and your single Cocoon has
received much airplay, any advice to aspiring musicians out there?

Always do it for the music.


The City Bowl Mizers recently performed at the SA’s Big 5 @ the Wavehouse gig in Durban and pics from their performance as well as behind the scenes pics from their Video interview with The Socialite will be out tomorrow. Be sure to check it out, right here on The Socialite

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