Introducing Fire Through The Window

Fire Through The Window exude pure energy and honest emotion with their indie pop meets rock music offerings. Once featured as our Socialite Pic of the Week, Chia Kougianos chats to Marc to find out more…

1.       How did the name Fire Through the Window come about?

 Sinead was reading a play about war and there was a phrase that she liked ‘step down, fire through the window!’. She said that if she ever had a band one day that is what she’d call it. When we started writing songs together, she suggested it and that was pretty much that. Oh, then we almost burnt the house down while cooking, so we took it as a sign (Laughs).

2.       Where will we find you guys on weekends?

Wherever the party is? No when we get to be at home we like to stay there! Sinead and I watch a lot of series, just finishing the 4th season of Weeds at the moment. Gotta dig that show. We also just got a new kitten so we haven’t really left the house much, well except for the tour. The rest of the guys are freaking animals though.

3.       Inspiration behind the “Hey” album?

 ‘Hey!’ came about pretty much as soon as the first album was out, I started writing a bunch of songs and we had the whole album ready to go way before it was released. We changed labels and moved to Sheer in between, so it was a bit of a lengthy process. We took a lot of inspiration just from silly life things, things people can relate to on a large scale. I found it difficult to be as abstract as I used to be in my writing, so what came out was a more tongue in cheek kind of commentary. Having said that, it isn’t always as easy as it may sound to write in that style, so with the new stuff we’re writing we get a little more deep and meaningful (Laughs).

4.       Favourite local artists?

Wow, there’s some crazy good music being made here at the moment. A few of my favourite include Wrestlerish, aKING, City Bowl Mizers, Thomas Krane, Alan,The Revelators, Dance You’re on Fire and Dear reader.

5.       What has been the highlight of your career to date?

That’s a tough one. We’ve had amazing shows all over the place, we’ve released two albums with a third on the way, we’ve had radio and television success, we get to meet killer new people and make new friends and we really have a load of fun doing it all. So I guess it’s all been a highlight.

6.       Is performing in front of home audiences more of a thrill than playing at away venues?

Well, I wouldn’t say more of a thrill, it’s just a different thrill I think. Durban has always been great to us, we love it here, we love living here. But playing out of town and pulling a crowd and having an awesome show is a great feeling. We’ve played in almost every venue in the country and done a whole lot of national touring, and if it wasn’t a thrill every time I don’t think we’d do it.

7.       Do you have a good luck routine or ritual before performances or lucky charm?

Does beer count? I actually did have a pair of lucky boxers for a while but Sinead made me throw them out recently cause they were full of holes!

8.      Favourite indulgences?

 Xbox, playing with my kitten, tea and rolled cigarettes.

9.       Phrase you use all too often?

   Legen- wait for it – dary!

10.   Best gig to date?

There’s plenty! I guess all the festivals we’ve played. The last Joburg Burning was amazing. Oh and Rocking The Daisies. Actually, I think our first show was my favourite gig, we were nervous as hell but it was so much fun. And it gave us a taste of things to come which has turned out even better than we expected.

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