Behind the Scenes with Gino


Meet Actor/Model Gino Scrigna. He was last seen gracing the pages of our Max clothing shoot and is currently starring in Revolution Now.  We paid Gino a visit to talk life, Hollywood and his love for the Big Screen…

So, when did your love for acting begin?

I’d say it started when I was in my first play in grade 3.  I think for me acting is life, it’s the air I breathe, it’s the light at the end of the tunnel. I really enjoy being able to play different characters that challenge you as a performer.

Career highlights so far?

It would have to be when I traveled to America where I was able to meet all kinds of different people and walking down Hollywood Boulevard amongst all the stars names.

Where can we look forward to seeing you next?

I’m currently acting in Revolution Now but there’ll be plenty more to follow soon (Laughs).  I really hope to be living in LA one day, amongst America’s best actors. I’d hit audition after audition until I make my own mark on Hollywood. I want to show people that your dreams can become a reality and basically my future plans are living my dream to its fullest potential.

Favourite local performers?

Well my favourite at the moment would have to be 340ml because if their smooth lyrics and jazzy feel. They make you just want to smile and sing along with the tunes. Another favourite is DJ fresh, he’s a legend. His music blows the roof off and turns your mind into a dancing machine with those intense beat mixes, you just gotta love him.

Your all-time favourite movie and how many times have you watched it to date?

My all time favorite would have to be The Godfather movies. The movie’s out of this world and what’s better than Italian mobs fighting it out. I’ve watched them over twenty times and I’ve bought all the DVDs and yes they original (Laughs)

Do you have a life philosophy to live by?

“Life is short so don’t just chase your dream, catch it and live it”. It’s my motto because I believe everybody can live their dreams if they just hold on to it and ride that wave till the end. I think that’s the key in striving for something you really want in life. Sooner or later you’ll be living your dream, that’s the rules I live by.

Phrase you use all too often?

I have this habit of calling people “square heads”, I just can’t get that phrase out my head! I guess I’m stuck with it for life. Perhaps I should just get it trademarked (Laughs).

Favourite indulgences?

My favourite is definitely Italian dishes and especially panstirotti.  Oh and I would have to go for Chocolate brownie drizzled with caramel for desert. It’s the tastiest thing ever in this world and I recommend anyone to try it out.

If you were competing in an all-celebrity version of Strictly Come Dancing who would you pick as your dance partner?

Sasha Naidoo! She’s very beautiful and she looks like she could burn up a few holes on the dance floor.  Besides if I don’t dance too well no one would notice because the attention would be on her!

And in your free time, where will we find you on weekends?

On the weekends you’ll find me chilling at home and relaxing or at the beach. You’ll also find me doing outrageously fun stuff like rock climbing, go-karting anything that’s I rush guaranteed Ill be there.

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  1. Careyanne

    Cool interview baby, you will go far…I love you

  2. Jordache

    Aweh! Whip ass boy!

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