Whimsical Wearables with Stacey Tyler-Razlog

This week’s fashion feature focuses on the fashion career of Stacey Tyler-Razlog, a sassy young fashion designer living in Durban.I had the opportunity to interview Amanda Laird Cherry’s junior designer, who takes her ability to mix and match colours to a whole new level. Of course every fashion designer wants fame and fortune of the Gucci or Versace variety, but very few fashion designers can say they have started at the top of the food chain. Band raised in Johannesburg, Stacey completed a LISOF graduating in 2008 before returning to Durban. She is currently on the Design team for SA Fashion Designer Amanda Laird Cherry, co/owner of The Space.

“I’m one of a few lucky young designers who has been given the opportunity to learn from one of SA’s most influential designers. Amanda has her own voice and has made her own mark within the industry, so for that I am really lucky to learn from her.”


The latest Amanda Laird Cherry collection offers designs that are stunning, whimsical, and almost surreal. During this month’s SA Fashion Week, the ALC models strutted down the runway wearing gorgeous creations that came to life. “There is so much out there in the world that influences my designs but I think everyday life inspires new looks and ideas” says Stacey.

With autumn upon us and the start of winter looming, what should every woman have in her wardrobe I wonder? “At least one Green Eco-Friendly item of clothing in your cupboard. Green is the new way. We all need to try and recycle to do our bit for the environment even if it isn’t only with clothes but our lifestyle in general” says Stacey.

We put Stacey to the test to find out these fun facts about the stylish fashionista:

  • Ultimate celebrity shopping companion? A Black credit card  (Laughs)
  • Your greatest fashion faux pas? Old school big tie dye t-shirts
  • If you were competing in an all-celebrity version of Strictly Come Dancing who would you pick as your dance partner?  Adam Shankman – So You Think You Can Dance
  • You’re auditioning for Idols. What song would you choose? Samantha James- Rise
  • Ultimate shopping destination? New York
  • I cringe when I think of having bought? Purple suede pointy ankle boots…I know!
  • Most expensive purchase Tan wedge leather boots, they’re beautiful
  • You can’t leave home without? My Blackberry

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