Fashion Forward with Molly: H&M Fashion Against Aids 2010

On the 20th of May, H&M will launch its third Fashion Against AIDS campaign. This will be the first festival collection that H&M has ever launched and 25% of sales will be donated to youth HIV/AIDS awareness projects. Miss Molly discovers more in this week’s edition of Fashion Forward with Molly…

The H&M collection will be sold in the ‘DIVIDED’ youth departments for both men’s and ladies and will feature the entire festival experience – from clothes and accessories to tents and sleeping bags, raising funds to promote the message of safe sex.

Anne – Sofie Johansson, H&M’s head of design says  “For me, festivals are unique and inspirational places as they join both music and fashion. To see your favourite bands, to see creative people gathered, all from different nations and with different looks really inspires me. It is very important to make people aware of the problem with AIDS and HIV and we want to contribute in the fight against the disease by donating some of the sales from this collection”.

 The Festival look is a global trend that is all about freedom of expression.  In the campaign, you will see a mix of rock with bohemia and glamour with added ethnic touches for girls. This includes denim hotpants or patterned leggings which are matched with embellished tunic tops, while maxi dresses are toughened up when worn with leather jackets. Gladiator shoes, chunky bracelets, wide belts and beaded necklaces all complete the look.

For guys you will see slim blazers and jackets, faded and patched denim jeans and cropped shorts, embellished waistcoats, paisley vests and the essential rockers hat.


It really is great that a renowned brand like H&M has seen the need to raise funds to implement AIDS awareness projects. H&M have aimed this campaign at the youth trying to ensure a brighter AIDS free future for the next generation. I really hope H&M can inspire some local retailers to follow in their footsteps, especially when the AIDS epidemic is so close to home.

Although we in South Africa are not fortunate enough to have the pleasure of shopping at H&M stores, you can support this campaign by purchasing goods online and hopefully making a difference in the lives of our youth in South Africa.

This is such a brilliant campaign and an added bonus is that, as always the clothes are amazing.


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  1. Mat

    Nice post!
    Such a relevant cause for South Africa, nice topic. Looks like Fashion Forward with Molly is going to be a great new addition to The Socialite!

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