Jozi’s Jena Dover talks Movies, Fashion and Burning It Up on the Dance Floor

Bubbly and down to earth actress Jena Dover, can currently be seen in local comedy ‘Jozi’, starring alongside Carl Beukes. The Socialite paid the gorgeous SA actress/model a visit to talk fashion, her role in the movie Jozi and burning it up on the dance floor. See our interview with her below to find out what she had to say… 

1. Are there any similarities between yourself and your character in Jozi?

Alison is far more serious about life than I am and she is very cut throat. She has the ability to forgo love and passion in search of security. Whilst I appreciate her actions and understand them, I’m a much more emotional and loyal person.

 2. Favourite memory on set shooting the film?

My favourite memory during the shoot was the “birthday scene”. It was so much fun to spend the afternoon yelling and screaming in character and then watch Nick Borain have his face smashed into cake over numerous takes. The final scene was fun too. The whole cast got together to shoot the dance scene over the credits. It was a wonderful end to a very memorable shoot.

3. When you are not on set or working how do you spend your time?

I’m working out, taking acting lessons and visiting friends. My schedule is hectic and my family miss me. I love hanging out at my mom’s house.

4. Advice to aspiring performers out there?

There are countless roles for performers out there, and somebody has to play them so why not you? In your down time, I can’t stress acting lessons enough. Take care of your body and your craft. The respect you show will have the universe reward you 10 fold.

5. Who would you want to play you in a movie?

Julianne Moore. Despite the obvious similarity in features, she is a phenomenal actress and I really enjoy her work.

6. Favourite time of the day or week and why?

My favourite day is a Monday. It brings new promise and new opportunities. I love a Monday like I love a Friday.

7. Chilled evening with friends or party ‘til dawn?

I would take a long lunch with a gorgeous meal and great company over a club but sometimes a girl has just got to get ‘em Seven jeans on and those 5 inch heels and burn it up on the dance floor.

 8. Latest Fashion Splurge?

 I just purchased an amazing leather jacket from Country Road at Woolworth’s. I collect leather jackets and this one is the latest to my collection.

9. Your quick trick to looking fabulous?

I work out with my trainer Steve Mululu three times a week doing Kettle bells. It’s a Russian form of training and whips you into shape in no time! I also love a good blow wave. I use Pantene for the Wash up and then I get going. I can give myself a pretty decent blow wave.

 10. If a genie gave you three wishes, what would they be?

 1. The first wish would be play a role that really takes me out of the comfort zone. Enough of the bad girl, I want the tortured girl or the sad girl.

 2. I dream of the Chanel 2.55 black quilted bag. It will be the ultimate fashion item I will ever own, if and when…

3. For South Africa to grow, develop and ultimately shine brightly on the international scene. I love this country so very much and I’m embracing the future with open arms.

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  1. melissa

    Great post!
    She is looking so stunning!

  2. Tristan

    Just what I needed to take the edge off after a horrible day. Great writing that really gets the thought across. Cant thank you enough for taking the time. Love your site!!

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