FHM Model 2010 Winner Charne’ Jade Slee

It started in July last year, as hundreds of hopefuls began sending their entries streaming in to FHM in pursuit of the coveted FHM Models 2010 title. And now, after over 12 million votes have been cast, Charne Jade Slee was named FHM Model 2010.

The gorgeous 23-year-old has all the attributes required of a FHM Models winner. Beauty, class, style and that indefinable something that makes grown men go weak at the knees. Chia Kougianos paid a visit to the Joburg beauty to find out more…

1.       You’ve just been named the FHM Model 2010. What has the experience been like for you?

The experience was great, a lot of learning and hard work. Just being in the competition opened many doors for me. The competition entailed a lot of self promotion and campaigning and it was great to be so creative with marketing idea’s. I loved every aspect of the 5 months. There were many challenges involved but in the end it was so worth it.

2.       If you’re not on a shoot or working where will we find you on weekends?

In and around Fourways and Sandton. I’m always trying new places, whether they’re restaurants, clubs or cocktail bars.

3.       Your Favourite indulgences?

My favourite indulgence would be a good meal out, three courses and great wine.

4.       Favourite time of the day or week and why?

It’s definitely Sunday mornings. I love spring cleaning and enjoying time spent at home, it seems to be the only time that isn’t booked! The rest of the week is usually too busy and the house is sort of used as our pit stop.

5.       Latest Fashion Splurge?

I recently bought my birthday outfit. A cute white jumpsuit, killer gold heels and accessories.

6.       Last song you sang out aloud?

Anna Nalicks –Breathe. I automatically have that song in my head constantly.

7.       First thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

I hit my snooze button two or three times before I motivate myself to climb into the shower.

8.       Your quick trick to looking fabulous?

A salon tan is always a quick way to achieve an all over “glow” and that healthy look. Although I believe that if your skin routine is good and you’re disciplined enough to never go to bed with makeup on, always drink a good amount of water and have enough sleep and exercise – you’ll never need a quick fix.

9.       Favourite Party Drink?

I can never say no to Champagne

10.   You can’t leave home without…

My blackberry! I have three email addresses linked up to it and all three never stop.

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