Introducing Cape Town’s Locnville

Locnville, a name that New York born and South African raised twins, Andrew and Brian Chaplin, choose to keep a mystery. Describing their music as “new age hip hop combined with elements of electro and organic synths”, Locnville has fast become SA’s hottest act. The Socialite spoke to the dynamic duo to find out more…

Their debut music video for the hit single, “Sun In My Pocket”, is already in rotation on MTVBase, all SABC Channels, ETV and MNet as well as being in high rotation on SA’s hit radio station, 5fm.

So…how did the name Locnville come about?

Brian: There’s actually quite a long story behind the name. But it basically derives from the fact that we are both American and South African, see if you can figure it out! (Laughs).

What was the inspiration behind the “Sun In My Pocket” music video?

Andrew: The inspiration behind the Sun In My Pocket music video came from the director, Kyle Lewis. We had quite a few meetings with Kyle beforehand and basically told him what the song meant to us, he interpreted it in a way that was visually appealing and that sticks pretty true to the meaning of the track. We have an extremely talented crew working on our videos.

What has been the highlight of your career to date?

Andrew: There are so many highlights; it would be sacrilege to just name one. We get to meet a lot of really interesting people, and we get to travel to places that we wouldn’t normally go, which is always a pleasure. The biggest highlight though would probably just be the fact that we have a platform to voice things that we feel really strongly about. If you listen to our lyrics properly, there’s a lot of thought put behind them and we’re always saying something specific but in a broad manner.

Is performing in front of home audiences more of a thrill than playing at away venues?

Brian: Performing in front of any audience is a thrill, because you never quite know what to expect. Home audiences are usually more comfortable, though, because a lot of the people have seen Locnville grow.

Favourite local artists?

Andrew: It’s hard to just name a few as there are a lot of very talented people popping up on the scene. I really like GoldFish’s stuff, The Parlotones and aKing. The South African music industry really has a lot more to offer than the world takes it for.

Best gig to date?

Brian: They’ve all been great, but one that definitely stood out was an under 18 party we did in Claremont. The crowd response was amazing, and it was just an all round fun show.

Favourite indulgences?

Brian: I would say one of my favourite indulgences is going up the west coast when our schedule allows. We get to go away with a few friends and just completely relax, pump some music, knock a few cold ones and live for the moment.

Where will we find you on weekends?

Andrew: We’ve got a lot of shows lined up for the next couple of months, so you’ll find us pretty much everywhere. We plan to go on a nationwide tour very soon, so we’ll keep you posted on events happening in your area.

Pics courtesy of Frenske Otzen of Cape-Photography

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