Fun and Laughs on the Set of ‘Florida Road’

“Florida Road”, is a delightful independent movie produced by Fred Fontana and directed by Brad Glass from Hollywood, California. The film centres around the culturally diverse city of Durban and explores the theme of love, culture and following your dreams in life. The film will soon be aired in SA and The Socialite went behind the scenes to find out more…

“Florida Road” is written by Fred Fontana, a Hollywood veteran , who has been a producer on US hits like Soldier starring Kurt Russell,  The Next Karate Kid  starring Hilary Swank and The Specialist which stars Sylvester Stallone.

‘Florida Road’ tells the story of ‘Shaan’, a mid 20’s Indian man with a heart of gold and a desire to write the next great Hollywood screenplay. Shaan and his two brothers, (Sanjay & Mani) moved to Durban with their parents from Mumbai, India, who wanted to provide a better life and career opportunities for their children. Shaan has yet to succeed largely because of the struggles he has in understanding the relationships with the people closest to him… especially his father and his eldest brother, Sanjay. When an untimely health issue hits the family, secrets are exposed and Shaan is forced to come to terms with life itself. The movie is a heartfelt story about love, culture, family values and following your dreams.

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